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  •    NO.282MP + NO.181MP
       NO.2 + NO.4
       Introduction of EASE Focus Software for PAL No.2 Line Array System
  • Recent years, USA PAL Light & Audio Inc has new contribution on line Array technology development. An important achievement of optimizing all the sound reinforcement technology and operating parameters of a vertical line array with state of the art performance NO.2 and NO.4, with wide coverage area,vivid sound,high clarity ,high sound pressure,strong reproducing capability,be widely used in life performance,out-door and large size application.
    •Neodium-magnet lightweight, high-powered, user-friendly installation. smart design, ply wood, of international line array standard.
    •Two driving methods: Full range driving; or driving HF and LF separately.
    •Rugged, integral array suspension hardware ensures fast, reliable setups and takedowns. Flexible package choices w/o subwoofer. Angle adjustment between speakers creates equal SPL.
    •Tweeter horn specially designed to make parallel wave, horizontal dispersion on a same plane. SPL damps at a rate of 3dB with double distance increased . For line array speaker system with 6 pcs NO.2 and 2 pcs NO.4, maximum SPL tested up to 103dB at 100M distance.

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